Who we are

ANVERGURA Production is a video production studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Our activity is extended within numerous multimedia fields and categories. While we offer a wide range of services, our main activity is video production. We work with clients who belong to diverse domains and we dedicate the best resources in order to obtain top-standard materials.

Our team of camera operators, designers, copywriters, video editors and text editors have a solid experience in domains such as television, film production, radio, journalism, social studies, communication, social media and advertising. Concentrating the diverse know-how of the team on the production process, we offer materials which not only stand out on a visual level, but also manage to connect with the public both at an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level .

Why choose ANVERGURA?

Because we are perfectionists and boast great ambition. We love challenges and consider that no matter how high or pretentious our client’s requests are, we can achieve the demanded level.

Our team is made of professionals, creative people, open to new approaches and ideas, with a broad working experience in various domains. That is exactly why an important part of our creative process consists of making sure that the public connects with what we create both on an intellectual and on an emotional level.